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Name: AnneThongprasom.COM
Used to be known as: Anne’s Hot Spot, Anne For Eternity
Online Since: Winter 2001
Official Launch Date: August 30, 2002
Owner/Designer: Nat
What this site can offer? Your #1 International resource for news, pictures, videos, and anything you can think of on Anne Thongprasom.


In 2001, I started my very first website for Anne Thongprasom, my first and only actress who I adore greatly. Website making was only a hobby that I did for fun, it was sort of an experiment that I wasn’t planning to take seriously or invest a long term commitment to. I started making my first website on Yahoo Geocities (which is now closed) using their website builder so, of course, my first website was not something to be proud of. That website making went on for about a year and I began to learn more about HTML and graphic designing until the winter of 2002, which was when I officially launched my website again under a new name called “Anne’s Hot Spot.” I considered this date to be my “official” launch date because I was taking this website more seriously and I wasn’t just making the website for fun, it was turning into a dedication. With this new name, I had a new layout and more content was added to provide the visitors with more information about Anne since at that time, there wasn’t a lot of websites regarding individual Thai celebrities.

Once again, I never imagined that I would actually come this far into purchasing my own domain and expanding my site, but since my admiration of Anne got bigger, I realize that I had to turn my small fan site into something big. So on February 27, 2005 I purchased my first domain. I was actually getting my own .com!! You might think that it was easy, but it wasn’t because I went through another debate with myself on what the domain name should be. I finally settled with AnneForEternity.COM or AFE for short.

At the same time as getting my own domain I was hosted with many websites that didn’t quite work out so I frequently had to change my host and move my website from place to place. Then on October 22, 2005 I purchased my own hosting package, my first host was great but there were too many downtimes, so I went on a search for a better hosting until I’ve finally found what I was looking for.

On December 28, 2007, I made another big decision, which was to change my domain and website name. I wasn’t sure whether I should change it or not because the name Anne For Eternity was well known by many people and if I changed it, there might be problems spreading out the words again. Although, on the other hand, I wanted my website to be easier to remember so I decided to make another domain name change from to

Getting this website up and running took a lot of time and effort, but I’m glad to meet many amazing fans and friends along the way who helped and supported me.

So, what exactly am I trying to achieve with this website? Other than showing my dedication for this talented actress, I am hoping to be your largest International (and English) resource for everything about Anne Thongprasom. You can also expect to see this website up and running for a very, very, very long time ^_^

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