These are questions that people often asked me, please read here before e-mailing me, some of your questions may have already been answered. If not, then feel free to contact me.

Can you send me via e-mail Anne’s pictures please?
– I would love to, but I don’t really have time to individually send you all of Anne’s pictures, please visit the gallery section where you can download/save the pictures.

Can you send me via e-mail Anne’s video/audio clip?
– I’m sorry I can’t, it takes too much time so I’ll try to upload all the video/audio files that I have in the Video Center and the Audio Vault

Can you send me some Anne’s picture without the site logo?
– No. All my pictures will have the site logo to show that it originally came from this website, please do not erase my logo and claim them as your own.

Can I use some of your pictures for my Anne website?
– Sorry, but no. It took me a really long time to search and scan these pictures and get it up on my site, so please don’t take them. If by any chance you still do please give me credit for them.

Can I use some of your pictures for a design?
– Of course, it would be nice if you would link back, but it is not a must, although I would love to see your finished design =)

Can I use the content of your website?
– If you want to post the translated news else where, please remember to give me credit for it, as well as any biography or facts about Anne, because I wrote everything myself and it took me a long time to find out those information.

Can I contribute something to this site?
– Yes Please! I am very interested to put up your contributions, and of course, you would receive full credit for them.

Why can’t I see the pictures in the Gallery?
– Have you register yet? We require everyone to register before viewing our pictures.

How do I register for the gallery?
– Make your way to the Gallery section and you should see a link leading to the registration page, but please contact me if you are having trouble registering.

Have you ever met Anne?
– Yes.

What programs do you use to make this site?
– Please see the credits and thank you page.

Why are you making this site?
– Well, the most obvious answer would be because I admire Anne. I’ve been following her works for a long time now and I thought I should show my appreciate to her by setting up this fanbase website.

What this site can offer?
– We will try to provide Anne’s fans with her latest and any old news, as well as pictures, videos, songs, and much more (pretty much everything about Anne, if possible.)

Can you please update more often?
– I’m sorry for the slow updates, I do have work and other personal things to do, but I will try my best to keep you all updated.

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