Childhood: Anne & her Grandmother

Her mom has 3 children, her mom will raise her older and younger brother while leaving her with her grandmother. Her grandmother had raise her all alone, just the two of them because her grandfather has already past away. From time to time her mom will send money for her school and money for other stuff that will be needed. Ann said that when she opens up her eyes she’ll see an old person who takes care of her since she was a child, at that time her grandmother was about 70 year old. Ann feels that even though she was born without having a mom and a dad, but she never feels like anything in her life was missing because her grandmother has given her everything that she has loose, like love in a family, and by taking care and being worry about her. So Ann give back her grandmother what her grandmother has did to her, ‘just like a twin’, said Ann. Where ever her grandmother goes, she will go too, living her life as and old person, like going to ‘wat’ (temple), and her grandmother will teach Ann how to pray, massage, and take care of an old person.

Career: How it began

Ann came into the entertainment business 2 ways, the first way is by her neighbor, who is also her mom’s friend, that work as a makeup designer for a singer at RS promotion had introduce Ann to come into the business. This person had seen Ann since she was little, so she invite Ann to go test a music VDO, at that time Ann was only 13 years old, so she got to be in that MV. That MV was of a singer name “Pisoot Supwijit” Before Ann went and test the MV she was a member of the 5 Star fan club so that she can watch movies for a lower price.

Future: Her Dreams

This is what Ann said, “I didn’t think that I’m a star, all I could do look but can’t so anything about it. Ann never think that I’m a star, but just an actress that have the duty to act in a lakorn and so the job that I love. I love my job very much, but one day I might not be on-screen any more, so if that happens, I would like to do the directing job instead and direct for others to play. It’s a dream that I want to do.”

Recognition: Famous twin role

The lakorn that made the viewers paid more attention to Anne and her acting skills was Song Naree. The character of the nang’ek in this lakorn was a twin, therefore it involved a high level of skills to be able to act out the different characteristics and personality of the twin. This role was offered to other actresses before it finally reached Anne, the other actresses had rejected it because the role was harsh and back in that time, these types of role was not familiar to the audiences. This role was consider to be a very challenging role and who ever accepted this role had to have a bit of courage because, as mentioned earlier, this type of lakorn was rarely or almost never made at that time. Luckily, this was a big opportunity for Anne to change her nang’ek role into something she has never experienced before. Even though Anne was faced with hard scenes which, and at certain times, she was afraid to even act them out, but in the end, this role was her big break. The lakorn was a success and she, for the first time, was nominated for the TV Gold award, which she was able to win for Best Leading Actress.

Awards: Talented Actress

There are many accomplishments of Anne that guarantees her to be an experienced actress, one of these includes the awards she has won. Her first award was the TV Gold Award for Best Leading Actress from Song Naree and anothe one for Jaosao Prisanna. Then she won her first Top Award in 2001 for her role in Samee Tetra as well as Star Entertainment Award from Rang Gnaow. She has won many awards for her roles in lakorns, but she was also given about 6 awards for her performance from the movie The Letter in 2004. In the past and up until now, Anne is still putting her best effort into her works which allows her to continue winning awards to prove her ability as an experienced Actress.

Producing: The shows are a hit!

Successfully fulfilling her dreams, Anne was given the opportunity from Channel 3 to produce her first tv show “English On Tour.” This show focus on teaching kids a variety of English words everyday for 1 minute. Even though the show only airs for 1 minute, but its ratings was a success. Seeing that this show was heading in the right direction, Anne presented more ideas for her next show she’s planning to make to Channel 3, until they’ve approved her for another kids show “Sanam Dek Len or Playground.” This show is about presenting new games to kids at elementary school and allowing them to play these games. This show was famous among kids and elementary schools who have been offering their school to the show so they can participate in the games and get involve in this show.

Hot Hit Lakorn: Oum Ruk

In 2006, the lakorn Oum Ruk aired, in which the pra’ek was Ken Theeradeth, a co-star she had acted with in Rang Gnaow. The ratings for this lakorn was not what everyone had expected, it was better than anyone had imagine. This lakorn went on air a few episodes and after it did, it can be seen that it will be a blast, and in fact it was a hit all over Thailand. Everyone was having something called “Oum Ruk Fever” and everyone was talking about it. Plus, Anne has never been a “koo kwan” with any of her co-star but because of Oum Ruk, the pra’nang of this lakorn was given the title “Koo Kwan” pra’nang. The nature of this lakorn was different than any lakorn that was made, especially the acting chemistry between the pra’ek and nang’ek. When this lakorn finally ended, the Oum Ruk fever was still going on, so in order to keep the memory of this lakorn alive, Channel 3 decided to produce a VCD and DVD box set for this lakorn. As a result to guarantee the great acting ability of Ken and Anne and the lakorn itself, they won many awards together, including the 2006 Star Entertainment award, Top Award and Komchadleuk Award.

(This biography was written by Nat, credit is not necessary, but would be appreciated if posted elsewhere.)

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